About Photos.Melbourne

As a photographer, I’ve sold prints online for a number of years on my regularsteven.com website. These prints are the best of my work, painstakingly edited, carefully curated and posted for print sales.

But the effort to do all that was significant. And the purpose of Photos.Melbourne is to get more work out, faster. And as such, I’m giving much of my photography work away for personal-use for free, or charge a small amount for people who’d like to print these pictures. Again – for personal and non-commercial use.

To put it simply – I’ve got thousands of photos, just sittin’ around and doing nothing. I wanted to do something about that.

What’s for free?

For you, dear visiter, you are welcome to download as many photos as you like in full-HD resolution (1920 pixels). To do this, find the pictures you like, select “Digital Wallpaper – Free” $0.00 option, and “Add to cart”. Then it’s just a matter of viewing your cart to confirm and proceeding to the checkout – here you place your zero-dollar order.

These pictures will look nice on a desktop or mobile phone wallpaper (or screensaver) – basically, high enough quality for personal digital-use.

After your order, you’ll be emailed a link where you can download your images.

If you decide to use them online for personal use, all I ask is a thanks. See my “Licensing page” for more information.

What’s costing $5 and $10?

There’s a lot of time and money that goes into photography (and building this website). So, if you’re wanting to print any photos up, that’s where I’ll be putting my hat-out…

As such, I’m asking for $5 for a 3,000 pixel wide image and $10 for a 6,000 pixel wide image.

The $5 option – this will allow for great prints up-to about 12″ wide. Perhaps more – but they will look great as an 8×12″ print.

If you’re wanting to go larger – perhaps 30″ wide – you’ll want to get the $10 option.

And about me?

This is a project by Steven Wright (@regularsteven). You can find me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – I’ve got @regularsteven everywhere. I’ve also got more photography related stuff on regularsteven.com.

Looking for a commercial license?

Please feel free to get in touch on my contact page, or via my social media handles above.

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